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Employers, Job post pricing is as follows:

1 Job, 30 Days$395.00
1 Job, 60 Days$495.00
Unlimited Jobs, 90 Days$1095.00
Unlimited Jobs, 4 months$1,250.00
Unlimited Jobs, 6 months$1,825.00
Unlimited Jobs, 1 Year$2,450.00
When job seekers apply to your job, their job apply resumes will be sent directly to the email address of your choice, unless you have chosen the "Apply Online" option (apply to your company website). Give us a try!

Resume Download Credits Pricing:

30 days , unlimited views , 50 downloads$395Staffing Firm: Contact Us
60 days , unlimited views , 100 downloads$595Staffing Firm: Contact Us
90 days , unlimited views , 150 downloads$795Not Available to Staffing Firms
120 days , unlimited views , 200 downloads$1095Not Available to Staffing Firms

Recruiter's Deluxe (Resumes & Job Postings Combined):

30 days - unlimited resume views -
(Plus 1 Single, 30 day Job Posting) -
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$690Staffing Firm: Contact Us
60 days - unlimited resume views -
(Plus 1 Single, 60 day Job Posting)
$890Staffing Firm: Contact Us
90 days - unlimited resume views -
(Plus 90 days Unlimited Job Postings) -
Best Value!
$1,540Not Available to Staffing
120 days - unlimited resume views -
(Plus 4 months Unlimited Job Postings)
$2,245Not Available to Staffing

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